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The perfect 53-foot(16-meter) sailboat of pure luxury and fun for recreational cruises and more.

Super Maramu 2000

KARI Is the name of all the family boats.


 Kari is the name of all the boats that were part of our family legacy. Since the first one an 1910 wooden Masthead Ketch to the latest Kari-V , a 53 feet fiberglass Amel® Super Maramu 2000.


 A visionary and deep sea sailor , Henri Amel, perfected his design during his long and full life spent at the sea , to conceive what, by today´s standards and state of the art, is considered the Rolls Royce of the sea when it comes to sailing boats. He gave birth to the perfect transatlantic cruising sailboat, luxurious, spacious, comfortable, agile and, above all, safe.


 The attention to quality and detail is what really distinguishes the Amel® boat brand from the rest, making this 53 footer (16 meters) an epitome of pure luxury and still an amazing sailing machine, equipped with all the state of the art sailing gear and also all the perks and comfort of a floating home, like two bedroom suits, with private bathrooms each, a living room a fully equipped kitchen plus and individual bedroom.


  During our cruises, we can serve you special, fresh cooked meals, cooked by one of the top chefs in Portugal, trying to bring you the best of our country culinary to you in one of the country’s most important plateaus, the sea. A Portuguese variety of wines and finger-food is also available.



 We gathered all the ingredients for our sailing trip in order to bring you the perfect legacy experience aboard our vessel. We are proud to receive you aboard the Kari-V and share with you what took generations to perfect, welcome aboard this unique experience.


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